Podcast: The Blowtorch Soundoff on CBS 2 releasing Susan Carlson, WIND’s lame ‘answer’ to imaging, and more

Today, I unofficially launch the “Blowtorch Soundoff,” an experimental podcast where I spew off whatever is on my mind related to media.

Discussed on this recording, about 12 minutes in length:

  • Full thoughts on WBBM-TV/CBS 2 releasing morning news anchor Susan Carlson on Friday.
  • My rant against WIND-AM/560 The Answer’s awful imaging and voiceover work.
  • Mike McConnell of WGN-AM 720 having no idea of the Facebook “like” concept.
  • While I debut my podcast, the Radiogirl Margaret Lakin earlier this week posted her 100th podcast, where she interviews WLS-FM 94.7’s John Records Landecker.
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  1. Deborah Van Der Harst

    Hi Marty, I enjoyed your podcast. I hope you continue your podcasts as a regular feature.

    I agree with you that Susan Carlson should not have been released from the CBS 2 morning news show. I had been watching her in the morning on Channel 2 almost as long as she had been there. For CBS 2 to release someone who had been a regular face on the show for so long was a bad move. It makes regular viewers like me not want to watch the show anymore.

    Furthermore, I don’t like the way CBS 2 releases people like Ed Curan (sp?) and Susan Carlson as though they have done something shameful that needs to be kept secret when they have done nothing wrong. CBS 2 is doing something wrong when they treat their long-time employees in such a manner. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to work with them.

    One last thought is if CBS 2 really wants to compete with the other morning news shows, they might want to add some diversity. There is more diversity on the other morning news shows.

  2. It’s not uncommon in radio or television to have a short leash. Unfortunately, when things don’t go right at a station or channel, talent is often the scapegoat, which sometimes isn’t always the solution. In this case, letting Carlson go was the wrong response.

    I agree about the releasing of several people at CBS 2. These releases and replacing them with new faces hasn’t done much. Perhaps, try staying consistent for a few years and allow your audience to build a sense of loyalty to those on air.

    I plan to do another podcast… if not this weekend, then certainly by the following weekend. And thank you Deborah for the kind words!

  3. I liked Susan Carlson and I am very tired of CBS arbitrarily shaking things up and doing it without consulting viewers. Just because of some whim they have tried dismissing all the team and putting in a group that talked about sports and the stock market etc. I let them know my feelings at that time. Now I hope they are paying attention to the comments and will bring Susan back. She had a great personality and did a good job. Ed Curan was also doing a good job with the weather and was very funny while doing his job. Viewers get attached to a morning team and like watching them. I think I will boycott CBS again as I did when they changed the format entirely several years ago. Next time consult the viewers and see what they think.

  4. terry mclaughlin

    Cbs 2 chicago lost another viewer.

  5. terry mclaughlin

    You lost another viewer cbs 2 news

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