Screenshot: New Fox Sports graphics appear on MLB broadcast

New Fox Sports MLB Graphics 2014

Screenshot from RadioInsight via Twitter – @RadioInsight

Above is a screenshot, courtesy of RadioInsight, showing new graphics for a Fox Sports MLB broadcast. They are the same graphics Fox rolled out in February for NASCAR.

I think the graphics as shown during a NASCAR broadcast are more on the bland side — and judging from only this lone screenshot, they will probably be as bland when used for baseball (and presumably football, this fall). I also wonder what’s up with the “Fox Box” in the lower-left corner of the screen (ESPN’s score bug has been placed in the lower-right for a few years now).

The lower-left seems like an odd place for it. Talk about trying to reinvent the wheel when there’s no reason to. I’ll reserve full judgement on placement of the “Fox Box” and the graphics until seeing them in full use — with today being baseball’s opening day, these graphics will likely roll out on the rest of the regional Fox Sports channels that house local MLB games.

Chicago’s baseball teams up for potential dial spinning

The Chicago Tribune’s Ed Sherman has reported that the CBS-owned WBBM-AM 780 Newsradio is now the leading candidate to acquire the radio rights to the Chicago Cubs starting in 2015.

CBS also owns WSCR-AM/670 The Score which has been the radio home for the Chicago White Sox since 2006, and still will be through the end of 2015. Sherman mentions that if WGN loses the Cubs, they’d be in position to bid for the White Sox for 2016. Not sure if that’s pure speculation or Sherman carefully hinting that WGN may indeed be open in pursuing that route.

If the White Sox moving to a new station means that a new station program director would finally upgrade the radio announce team, I’d be all for it them leaving the Score. Bring back Dave Wills from Tampa!


Quick thought on CNN’s ‘Chicagoland’

While CNN’s “Chicagoland” is not a pleasure to watch, it is eye opening and important to see what so many unfortunate people have to live through. It makes my fellow Lincoln-Way area residents come across as “assholish” for having the audacity to complain about the high school’s original decision to cut ROTC due to budget, while so many other children have it far worse, through no fault of their own.