CBS 2 Chicago playing musical chairs (again), Susan Carlson wrongfully on the outs

Susan CarlsonBoth Robert Feder, via Twitter, and Larz at Chicagoland Radio & Media reported yesterday that WBBM-TV/CBS 2 has released morning news anchor Susan Carlson. According to Larz, CBS 2 opted to remove Carlson from the air prior to the expiration of her contract, most likely to shake things up as the ratings for the morning newscast remain at or near rock bottom.

This move is a real shock to me. As a regular viewer of CBS 2’s morning news, Carlson was not the problem with that newscast. As a matter of fact, I have a hard time identifying any real significant problems with the newscast.

Carlson and co-anchor Kris Gutierrez were a respectable team – they worked well together, were capable of showing personality when appropriate, and did a solid job at delivering the morning’s news. The added personality coming from Meagan Glaros (weather) and Derrick Young completed the newscast, as far as on set goes. There was real chemistry.

CBS 2 has a real tendency to play musical chairs, seemingly every other year or so when their ratings don’t show improvement. Sometimes, such moves are necessary, such as when the station opted to remove Steve Bartelstein, who was not a great fit. Other times, the moves are done just for the sake of change, such as when the station decided to remove evening news anchor Anne State several years back.

And for the sake of honesty, even though I am a huge fan of State’s eventual replacement Kate Sullivan, she hasn’t been much of an upgrade. That’s not a knock on Sullivan — it just means that there was nothing wrong with State!

And there was nothing wrong with Carlson either. While there are plenty of talented female news anchors out there, it’s not a given that the new choice will do as good of a job as Carlson. And even if she does, it will be hard to find someone who does a better job than Carlson. So at best case scenario, they find someone who does as good of a job. To that, I ask, what’s the freakin point!? Besides demoralizing the rest of the morning news staff and potentially upsetting the on air chemistry, this move will do nothing to shake the ratings. At best, CBS 2 will likely find whoever they hire to replace Carlson will be nothing more then a lateral move.

Just for fun… Since CBS 2 is desperate for attention, maybe they should consider hiring recently ousted Comcast SportsNet reporer Susannah Collins.  At the very least, that would probably generate added views to their YouTube channel!

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  1. Yes, CBS gets it wrong again. Ms. Carlson rocked at 5 am. I hope they get it together at CBS. i love all the Chicago news. I try to give each channel some time. Ms. Carlson had me at the 5am

    • Kathleen Scheinpflug

      It wasn’t Susan Carlson it was Megan Glaros. She was on every 4-5 minutes and it got to much of her. Get it right channel 2 you got rid of the best in the morning, Rosanne Teriz, Mary Ann Childers , and Ed Curran. Thank God for Steve Baskerville, and Levine. You should have gotten rid of Megan, put in Curran. Then put Carlson and Rosanne together. Won’t watch you anymore. 🙁

      • Kathleen – Roseanne asked to be moved off of the morning broadcast after the tragic death of her co-anchor and close friend Randy Salerno. The morning broadcast hasn’t never felt quite right since that loss. Personally, I would love to see a Stacia Dubin comeback, but it would probably be too difficult after such a cruel dismissal.

      • Totally agree! Megan is the problem — way over the top cheerleader personality that really grates!

      • No kidding. If anyone is at times unprofessional or annoyingly silly it is Glaros.

      • That hottie Megan flat is is the only reason why men watch and dvr the morning news including me. I’ve jerked off to Megan flat is more than I can count. Susan Carlson hated the attention Megan got from men so there was tension between them

    • The time slot is just too darn early for folks to be tuning in…Are Channels 5,7, 9 & 32 setting ratings records? I think not. A little Glaros goes a real long way. Chris does nothing for me…ZERO. Susan had a personality and was easy on the eyes.
      Why didn’t they simply offer her a pay cut to stick around…explaining ratings as the problem, to her?


    • I don’t know much about Ms.Carelson,but I watch every day an love Megan Glaros and Erin KennedyThey are both great. Rob and Erica are both great . Can’t forget Charlie, Nora and Gayle.

  2. I had to go online to find out what happened to my morning news team something I’ve never done before . Bad move CBS you had a winning team how about a different format for news. Not different people! I sometimes need to go to other news stations to get clips of news something CBS does not offer. How about have Vince give his clip only weekly and give us Susan back I have now switched stations for morning news -and probably other programs you can take away Susan but I don’t have to watch shame on you! Really loved to start my day with Susan, Megan Chris and Derrick

    • Me too. I thought she was just on vacation but being it’s 3 weeks now, I just went online to find that she was released. I thoroughly enjoyed watched her with Derrick, Megan and the 2 Kris’s. I will be switching stations now in the morning. 🙁

  3. I give up! When we lost Randy S it was such a loss but we still had Susan. Big mistake letting her go, the network needs to let go of who made that decision. It won’t take long for CBS to see ratings go lower and then who will they dump? I will really hate getting used to a new morning news show ;(

    • I agree. I loves Susan. I will consider watching another station morning news. its just not the same without her. sorry CBS. watch your decisions!

  4. She was not the problem the dumb ass Megan glaros should be fired SHE SUCKS!!!

    • Absolutely. Silly and unprofessional. Mary Kay is much better, Curran is as well.

    • We need to get rid of Megan she is another Tracy Butler who sucks from day 1. Do we need 2 Tracy Butler in the same city. Please! put Mary Kay Kleist back on during the week.

  5. CBS you got it wrong again. Susan Carlson was a Chicago favorite. Furthermore she was home grown. It is your loss as I am positive that she will go on to be bigger and better.. There is no one out there that will make the ratings better. It is your format.

    Dumb decision on the GM’s behalf.

    • Susan carlson was not a favorite of hers do notlike her on channel 5 if ralefotd do not come back will not watch channel 5 on weekends

  6. GOD bless Susan Carlson, may she have all the best in life. Peace to the rest of the cast on that show.
    @Jef – Be careful who you say should be fired, what goes around

  7. Susan M. Mi8ller

    I agree with the above comments that Susan was not the CBS problem. I recently converted to CBS from ABC and I was very happy with Chris and Susan. Now I am lost and I will probably go back to ABC. Bad move CBS! Bring Susan back!

    • I’m still watching CBS 2, more so out of habit. I like the rest of the staff. I also am keeping tabs on who is anchoring along with Kris each morning. It’s been somewhat of a shuffle between Marissa Bailey and Suzanne Le Mignot, though Roseanne Tellez anchored this past Thursday and Friday.

  8. My husband and I recently switched to CBS because of on-air antics of morning teams at ABC and NBC. Susan Carlson was very good and we liked her. Just wished stations would stop hiring people like Megan Glaros, Andy Avalos, and Tracy Butler who appear as though they are auditioning for some kind of acting role every time they open their mouths.

  9. Susan was the reason my wife & I watched the cbs news in the morning, home grown Chicagoan. She worked her way up from traffic and was award winning reporter. The station has no idea what they are losing, and as far as this family is concerned we will never watch that news cast again, and further more any of there news programing. They need to change the people making the changes because they don’t have a clue. Good Luck Susan you will be missed.

  10. This is the worst mistake they have made!!! Even worse than Monsters in the Morning!!!! I had stopped watching CBS 2 when that came on, and started watching again when they brought Susan Carlson back as an anchor!! Looks like I’m not watching CBS 2 in the morning again!!! BOO!!!!!! She was the ONLY reason I watched. I wish all the best to Susan, and will greatly miss waking up to her beautiful face, and professionalism in which CBS 2 in the morning lacks!!!!!!!!!!
    COUNT ME OUT! I’M GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I was extremely surprised and saddened to see Susan Carlson gone. I also had to go on line to find out what happened to her. She was great. A big loss for CBS 2. I may have to change channels.

  12. Just like they let Ed Curren go around two years ago, now he’s back. Also the entire staff of the show following with Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, and Dave Price. New “show” with Gayle King and Charlie Rose stinks! Bye, bye CBS!

  13. Shame on CBS. Susan is the reason many I know stuck with CBS through all the format and people changes – the other channels are really bad – she was graceful and made us all think CBS was sane… now paired up with Chris, she is even better !. It tempers Meghan, and I would not watch anything fact, I’ve never written about anything like this in my life…CBS is crazy – home grown, class, grace…whew. Fire the bosses.

  14. I thought the team was a great fit. The change is really sad.Chris looks a little sad, they were great together..

  15. I was shocked to hear of the releasing of Susan Carlson. She had a great personality and was a pleasure to turn the tv on to in the morning. I agree with many of the others that the morning chemistry was great and now it has really been a drop off. She was a huge part of that morning show and will be missed it looks like I will be changing channels also since it seems as though CBS is targeting the wrong areas for their low ratings.

  16. I am sad they decided to get rid of Susan Carlson, and yes, Kris does look sad. I enjoyed waking up to the group each morning. She has been a fixture for so long, and with the addition of Kris, they made a great team. The boss at CBS 2 made a mistake here. I agree – the format could use some revamping; but it doesn’t mean I will leave. I still like Kris, Megan and Derrick.

    • I cannot believe that Susan Carlson, is gone
      I have always watched this channel and loved her on the morning show.

  17. Glad Susan is gone. She was very condescending, formulaic and boring. Definitely promoted to her level of incompetence. Good riddens

    • HEY BOB YOU HAVE NO INKLING WHAT A GOOD ANCHOR SHOULD BE! Susan is one of the best ! IT IS CHANNEL TWO’S LOSS!!! susan i wish you the best and i know you will go on to bigger and better things !!!!!!

      • What I know of Susan outside of the news room she wasn’t that nice of a person,but the Two drama queens they have at 5pm news Rob and Kate should have been let go before Susan.

  18. They got the wrong person…
    She was homegrown and not the problem.
    Now we have a Pete Campbell look alike and a traffic guy that has never been on half of the roads he talks about…..
    The format is the problem. Lacks the local feel and simply clones every other news show…
    Such potential for something really good continues to waste away. Im a Cahnnel 2 person from birth, but its getting tougher to watch!

  19. Susan was a trooper in my book. She spent years as a traffic reporter, working early mornings and weekends, despite being a cum laude from Northwestern. She delivered the news succinctly and in a straightforward fashion. Good luck Susan, wherever you land.

  20. CBS, that was a bad move. The team was great. The format was bad. I would be more than happy to help you figure it out but you must bring Susan back. Everyone was had a little egg on there faces at one time or another.

  21. C’mon CBS stop messing with good chemestry. The best team I’d ever seen was when Randy S, Rosanne T, Ed Curran and Susan were all together. When randy died is was like, “OK let’s break this up, we can’t possibly find a replacemetn for Randy” Ed was gone (although he’s back with CBS) Rosanne moved to noon wiht Harry Porterfield (seriously?), and Susan tried to work with that new formula. Yhat didn’t work so she got put out into the field. Nice to wake up to that smiling face, but no more. CBS, you are dead to me. Susan, wherever you land, I’ll watch you, listen to you, and smile wiht you. God Bless and good luck.


  23. Bad move CBS. I thought Susan was on an extended vacation and when I watched this morning I thought, something isn’t right. Then I Googled her name and read CBS let her go! I was shocked. Bring her back!

  24. I watched CBS just because of Susan been watching for a long time. Bad move on the part of CBS maybe its time to watch fox!

  25. I too like so many others was waiting for Susan Carlson’s return. I googled her and found out channel two had let her go. I was shocked. Huge mistake…I have never written anything like this before . Susan will be missed. She and Kris were good together. Please bring her back you won’t be sorry. Why not do something different and ask your viewers who they want..take an on air poll… that would be great for your ratings ….something different… it has never been done before and see who your viewers really want in that seat. Come on Channel two give it a try.. you have nothing to loose you said your ratings were down that’s why you let Susan go.. ..turn this into a win win and make everyone happy.. mistakes happen… it’s what you do when you realize you made the mistake that matters!!! Take he challenge .

  26. Susan Carlson was the only newscaster with perfect English and grammar which I appreciated. I will not go back to the CBS morning show and hope to see her doing national news somewhere.

  27. Susan was one of the best things that ever happened to that morning show. Her, Megan and Derrick were a good fit…Chris, on the other hand has made a lot of errors already. …you let the wrong one go…No offense, Chris. I just like to have something sweet every morning, with my coffee.

  28. CBS (Channel 2) doesn’t know when to stop. The ratings don’t have to do with the anchors, it’s a reflection on the people who are responsible for developing good programming. Apparently the talent and skill is lacking in this area. It was the same, several years ago, when CBS – Channel 2, broke up the evening news anchors of Dianne Burns and Antonio Moira with Steve Baskerville. BAD DECISION.

  29. Found out today Susan C is gone – and it’s not her choice. What are you thinking CBS? Susan is a staple of CBS and did a great job. We have a hard time warming up to Kris G. You’re problem is the right fit next to Susan (how about trying another lady) and not choosing fossiles as on ‘other’ stations. Sometimes change is good – but not in this case. By the way, Megan G is good and looks fabulous – she’s acurate and is a good role model for women taking care of themselves. We nicknamed her “Little Miss Sunshine” cuz she’s always in a good mood and smiling! Derrick Y won a contest to get his position and had to pass a Chicago streets test to get his job. Good fit also. Letting Susan go was a huge mistake and your ratings will show you this very soon – if not already. CBS – let viewers vote her back. You’ll be glad to boost back your ratings even higher than before. Be a trend setter and change the format not the people we love. Stupid..Stupid move.

  30. Susan was great but lets face it the only other reason to watch cbs was for Megans boobs. I turned the channel anyway when Megan wears dark clothes.

  31. Also miss Susan Carlson and had to look for her here. Big mistake!! She is talented, authentic and was an addition to am news………..Now Megan on the other hand should learn how to stand up at the counter instead of looking like she’s in a bar. Grow up Megan. I’ll change channels now for sure.

  32. Susan is not the problem its the people behind the scene the anchors can only tell what they are told to say and they say the same story over and over if you look at other channels they have a lot of different stories to tell which I never see on CBS. so shame on you for letting her go for your mistakes. She made my day. And shame on you for not letting us know we have to google her name to find what happen to her.

  33. watch wgn they are the best. will miss susan

  34. Susan Carlson was the best anchor in th AM! Kris g. Constantly makes errors. Megan can get on my nerves. Whoever made the decision to let Susan go made a huge mistake! She was the “keeper”

  35. I have never searched for information online when a newscaster suddenly disappears but I so liked Ms. Carlston. I guess we will never know the real reasons behind the early release from her contract but maybe posts such as these will cause enough buzz to bring her back. Maybe if we all contacted CBS directly and let them know how we feel it may stir something up!

  36. What did you guys at cbs do? I looked forward to watching and listening to Susan Carlerson early in the morning she made your early morning show . It was very bad of you not to say anything of her leaving bad bad cbs I am not watching cbs in the morning any more .

  37. I will be tuning CBS out in the Morning – What a shame.

  38. seems that the ratings will drop even further since channel 2 has removed the wrong person -Susan Carlson. Now how many will still watch the early am news.We love susan, Megan,Kris and Derrick together not seperated.Bring Susan Back

  39. I am very sad that CBS has terminated the services of the best morning news anchor in Chicago. If they are concerned about their ratings, they should take 5 steps backwards and fire the fool that made that decision. I will not watch CBS2 morning news any more.

  40. I think it was a dumb move to remove Susan Carlson. This group of people worked well together. Just a nice mix for the morning wake up. CBS needs to bring her back. Now I’m shopping around the other channels and not satisfied. A great group that informed you and it felt like you were with friends.

  41. WHYYYY? She was awesome. Of course, so was Ed! Get rid of Megan!! I’m not one of the ‘guys’ which grates me every time she says it. I’ve already switched my morning show cause I can’t stand Gayle King!! Looks like I’ll change my local morning program to another channel. So long CBS 🙁

  42. I thought Susan was great in the morning along with the rest of them. One thing I can say about channel 2 news is that you can’t get to comfortable with your job their because you can go like smoke along with Diana Burns, and Slate just wanted to mention them two, because they didn’t last no time! Watch Your Back Guys (Megan and Derrick).

  43. I totally agree!!! Susan should never have been let go. She and Kris worked well together, and both of them did a fine job of presenting the news in such a professional manner. But what I really will miss is the simple and comical interplay between the two when she and Kris would make some cute or silly remark that would make me chuckle early in the morning. I will miss her beautiful sense of humor which brightened my day, and I’m sure, those of many others. Without you, Susan, it just won’t be the same!!

  44. Megan is the problem as others have said. Way too many close ups and the over-the-top personality is annoying in the morning. By the way, why can’t she hide her microphone transmitter like every other person? Susan was the mature anchor trying to rein in Megan and her partner Derrick!

  45. Will miss Susan Carlson. She was the reason I watched CBS. Who was the crazy person that removed her? Maybe they should be removed.

  46. Bring Susan back she is the best

  47. Susan is missed

  48. I could easily stop watching can since Susan is gone

  49. We’ve followed Susan for years. She’s the Best.
    We’ll tune out CBS for here on.
    Where’s the media going here? Do all of these “journalists” have to look like teenagers?
    What a shame.

  50. This is a very bad decision. I started watching CBS about nine months ago because I did not think the other two stations had good chemistry and/or friendly meteorologists. Susan is great and you are wrong in letting her go. The morning show with Gayle King is horrible and I don’t watch it and now, I will be switching back to channel 7 for the morning news due to Susan being fired. I thought this group worked very well together- shame on you. Accountability should start at the top!!

  51. She was a real mean GIRL. PPL said, they would speak to her on the street and she would just turn her head away like a real snob. I personally believe she was a racist. The way she talked about the Jackson family was a disgrace for anybody who suppose to keep an open objective mind while reporting the news. Good bye to that witch.

  52. Lydia Liepinaitis

    Very disappointed that you released Susan Carlson. Bad decision on your part.

  53. marianne storch

    I really enjoyed Susan Carlson. She will be missed. Who preceded Ann State on the 5:30 PM news?

  54. Missing Susan in the mornings. The best of course going back years- Susan & Randy- and Rosanne too. Kris is OK but not a Chicagoan like Susan. Could really do without Megan Glaros (like Ed Curran) and Derrick makes way too many mistakes with the traffic. Going all the way back to the contest for traffic reporter- he never had my vote. Morning show not great either. Just not the same without Harry and Maggie, though I do like the first 2 minutes! Think it is time to say goodbye to CBS in the morning.

  55. F channel 2 and their “Original Reporting” slogan. Are you kidding me? I also can’t stand it in the morning when they say “thanx for starting your day with us”. When I turn the news on at 430am, I’ve already been up for over an hour. I can’t stand Kate Sullivan, she’s as phony as a $3 bill. Bring back Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson asap. Harry Porterfield is a class act and Roseanne Tellez is Awesome as well. F Rob Johnson, Megan Glaros and Derrick Young as well. It’s see ya , wouldn’t wanna be ya channel 2….puke

  56. I’ve been watching Susan since her traffic and then her great turn as the morning anchor with Stacia Dubin with Ed Curran doing the weather. that was a great morning team. It was nice that Susan gradually made her way up the chain at the station despite all the chances. We literally watch her grow up before our eyes and got to know all about her life. CBS your failing because you keep changing the darn format. You need to build loyalty but what does that matter if the people we like are kicked off virtually the next day. At least you could have gave a 15 year employee the benefit of a sendoff, you heartless SOB’s.It’s Carol marin all over again.

  57. Winifred Cannella

    I moved back to Chicago 4 years ago and found “Susan” in the morning. That should have been the name of your show. I waited and waited for Susan to be there in the morning thinking she was on vacation. No more Susan no more WinnerWini
    She was your gift that kept on giving.

  58. Susan,You were the reason i watched the news at all,The way that CBS is headed, your better off without them,Just wait till everyone meets you on a national level,You’ll be a star,CBS will be sorry!Next one to go should be the GM,whoever he is!

  59. CBS loss is WLSAMs gain! She is great on the radio, very pleasant. I cannot stomach CBS especially Megan Glaros, she is very annoying and always manages to look like a sleazy lounge lizard, just not credible as a meteorologist. Bring back Ed Curran permanently!

  60. I simply see it as a chance for Chicago TV News to bring in another female anchor of a different ethnicity. Can’t have too many white folks, can we?

  61. I have a very straightforward question; what has happened to former CBS 2 News Chicago Kate Sullivan? I haven’t seen her on the air now since the beginning of Fall of 2015. Did she simply leave to go to another American news market, or has she just taken time off to tend to her now 1 year old son, and other family needs?

  62. Anne State, Kate Sullivan, Susan Carlson…..maybe its time to dump Rob Johnson and let Anne State team with Kate Sullivan

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