Surreal Video: Approaching tornado forces KSN anchors to take cover during live storm coverage

My feeling of uneasiness during severe weather quickly upgrades to full blown nervousness when tornadoes become a real possibility. I’ve had a fear for tornadoes since sitting through my first tornado drill as a kindergartener, not fully understanding why we were seated Indian style in the hallway and being told to cover our heads while listening to a scary sounding siren in the background.

For as unsettling as a tornado siren can be, I can’t imagine watching live storm coverage on my local newscast and witnessing the sheer panic as the weather guy and the other anchors run off the set to take cover from an approaching tornado.

That’s exactly what viewers saw on Sunday afternoon while watching KSN-TV in Wichita, KS. Simply surreal and terrifying at the same time.

The devastation that Mother Nature has unleashed in recent days is absolutely horrific. I found it difficult to get too upset after last night’s Blackhawks loss while thinking about the people impacted by those storms, especially in Moore City, OK and how terrorizing it must have been for those students taking cover in their school’s hallways.

While the national media is all over the storm’s aftermath, you can also get a more local perspective from various Oklahoma City media outlets, including KTOK-AM and KWTV-DT (which is streaming their live television broadcast online).

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