Kathy and Judy back on WGN this Friday

Kathy and Judy - WGN RadioFriday, May 22, 2009… I had the day off and was going to spend the day in Chicago just because I felt like doing so. I happened to turn on WGN-AM 720 just after the 9 a.m. news when I heard the venerable Kathy and Judy announce they were doing their last show.

Later that morning I took a walk over to the Tribune Tower, where on the ground level is the WGN Radio “Showcase Studio” — a studio fish bowl where people walking along Michigan Ave. can watch their favorite hosts while on the air. I got there before noon, as Kathy and Judy were signing off for the last time. The photo of the two of them crying, as shown in the link above, is what I saw in person. I wasn’t a Kathy and Judy fan, but I felt bad for them (if not that day, then eventually after).

On the way home that day, then afternoon drive host at WGN Steve Cochran talked about their dismissal. I don’t mean to twist his words, but from how I remember it, he implied that he hadn’t necessarily liked them (professionally, I’m guessing), and that the feeling might be mutual.

This Friday, Kathy and Judy will be back, guest hosting the 9 a.m. to noon time slot that was previously theirs. They will be following Cochran, now the morning drive host at the station. Please let there be a transition segment amongst them.

Not that I expect it to get ugly or awkward. They are all professionals. But the dialogue may nevertheless be interesting, especially since Cochran also would eventually be a victim of Kevin Metheny (the guy who also fired Kathy and Judy). They may care to reminisce about the ugly time at WGN and how it is now seemingly better.

Kathy and Judy will then be back each Saturday hosting a show from 10 a.m. to noon. If that doesn’t take place beginning this Saturday (Sept. 14), then it will the following week (Sept. 21).


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