Why was Garry Meier axed from WGN altogether?

UPDATE – SPRING, 2016: While Garry Meier is no longer broadcasting on WGN Radio, he is now podcasting several times a week (usually two free shows a week, with two or three bonus shows a week for paid subscribers). To learn more, visit GarryMeier.com.

Garry MeierThe popular question right now is either “where is Garry Meier?” or “why was he fired?”

To answer the first question, he’s now “on the beach.” The answer to the second question… only a few people for sure know.  Either way, the recently demoted WGN-AM 720 afternoon drive host was sent home from the Tribune Tower for good and will no longer be doing his online WGN.FM show.

For whatever reason, Meier had a falling out with his boss, Jimmy de Castro, the president and general manager of WGN, which led to him being taken off AM 720 to begin with this past May. Some have speculated the rift could have begun when Meier refused to return Steve Dahl’s phone call, even after de Castro himself having possibly urged Meier to– about possibly doing something together at their Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The more likely scenario, in my opinion, involves Meier’s likely unwillingness to work with a partner. During a March, 2010 interview on Margaret Lakin’s Radiogirl Podcast, Meier specifically stated he had no desire to share billing with a partner, going as far to clarify that even his WGN sidekick, “Elton Jim” Turano was no more than just that, a sidekick.

In August, 2013, a lengthy Chicago Tribune piece profiling an upcoming reboot of the iconic station mentioned Castro’s desire to pair Meier with a co-host. Chicago media reporter Robert Feder echoed similar sentiments about a possible co-host for Meier in his own piece profiling the then upcoming changes at WGN.

The new co-host for Meier never happened for whatever reason. One month later, in September, Feder wrote a piece announcing that WGN afternoon traffic reporter Leslie Keiling would take a more “prominent role as a contributor to Meier’s afternoon show.” It never happened. Keiling had already been a regular voice on the show, officially or unofficially, and the amount of time she talked never changed.

The above examples are just some of the potential scenarios that may have led to a rift between Meier and de Castro. While I have been hard on de Castro in my two previous posts, the honest truth is, only a few people truly understand the circumstances which ultimately led to Meier’s departure from WGN. Based on collective soundbites over the years from Meier, his former co-host Roe Conn, as well as a few friends and acquaintances of my own, I definitely do believe Meier isn’t exactly the easiest person to work with or to necessarily please.

Whatever Meier might be like off air, his on air persona was very popular and highly successful for Tribune Media. As the highest paid talent at the station, WGN seemingly left a lot of money on the table by demoting him from terrestrial to online only. Now, with Meier’s show gone entirely (while continuing to collect that hefty paycheck until autumn of 2015) and station management refusing further explanation or a simple on-air acknowledgement of the issue, de Castro appears to simply be standing his ground…

Or perhaps, stomping his feet while holding his breath.

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  1. Big mistake by WGN on Garry firing. Great ratings our Garry had,and Garry is a Baby Boomer who relates well to the Boomer generation AND their parents as well. de castro does not get it!

    • Being a business and media person myself. I am totally disappointed in the departure of Gary Meier,
      What the heck are they thinking. I was a big fan of WGn, Until now a great news-person Andrea Darlas I rarely tune in only to listen to her. Made a drastic mistake Gary Meier was good added to spark and ingenuity to radio. You have made a terrible mistake

      • I feel WGN radio made one of there biggest mistakes by letting Garry Meier go. I have been a long time fan of WGN with Uncle Bobby, Spike, and Garry. but for now my radio has not been tuned into WGN since they let Garry go. Big big mistake!

    • I don’t listen WGN radio like I use to. Without Garry Meier its not the same.

  2. What happened to Garry Meier? I have been wondering what happened to him for a couple weeks. Just found out today that he was let go. I agree, big mistake. I won’t be listening to WGN any more. My friends feel the same way. Not even an explaination to the public. I feel like the fans don’t matter to de Castro at all. Such a shame!

  3. I really miss Garry Meier and wish he would be on WGN AM. If management is keeping him off the air purposely, they are typical corporate idiots that would rather sink their own ship just to try and prove a point. This is the old “cut off your own nose despite your face”. Bring Garry back and forget you ego.

    • The phrase is “cutoff your nose to spite your face”. The expression has since become a blanket term for (often unwise) self-destructive actions motivated purely by anger or desire for revenge. For example, if a man was angered by his wife, he might burn down their house to punish her; however, burning down her house would also mean burning down his, along with all of their possessions.

      • NAN, you are a low life. You don’t comment on the subject, but instead waste everyone’s time by picking
        on some who cares subject. In the future, stay in the basement, and don’t comment unless you have something constructive to say about the subject.
        BTY, you must be an AHole

    • Yes, but they keep Steve Cochran…the MOST unfunniest host on the radio. He is god awful. He is a ham. He sucks…..Bring GARY back….

  4. I could listen to Garry Meier 24/7. He is the voice of Chicago. I have met Garry Meier fans ranging from 17 to 82. He speaks to such a broad age range, I think this is pretty unique. I just can’t comprehend why he is not on the air.

  5. I’n not sure what Garry’s “ease to work with”, or any other ancillary issue has to do with the object of a media outlet… which is listener/viewership. He brings in listeners by virtue of his entertainment value, the company gets to charge higher rates to advertisers. Win-win, pretty simple.

    Mr. DeCastro, this is one listener in the 25-54 demographic you’ll never get back as long as you are employed at WGN and Garry isn’t. Sell that to your advertisers.

  6. Wes from South Bend

    Garry had the best show going, his a.m. and on line ratings showed it. Talk about a ballsy move to remove him from the station. I have stopped listening to WGN since this all went down. Been on WLS and will be until Garry finds a new home on the dial somewhere. Sorry WGN..you guys messed up bad..

  7. Tywanna Kikbooti

    WGN radio management really must be power huffing the lingering death gases of Kevin Metheny. I am glad for Garry, so he can maybe find a better radio station to work for. I hope that station will be available on the internet, because I will want to listen. Good bye WGN. I am not even returning for Kathy and Judy.

    • I’m not too optimistic that Garry will work again once his contract with WGN expires (believed to be October, 2015). That opinion is based on the current crop of existing stations and a format that isn’t seemingly available to accommodate Meier’s format.

      I hope he proves me wrong.

  8. Garry Meier brought to the air waves exactly what the listeners needed, a respect and reverence for our heroes, cynicism, humor, and a love for rock n’ roll. He voiced what a lot of people were thinking, and I appreciated the candor he could express while streaming. Miss you Garry. Tracey and Steve in Racine, Wi.

  9. Babs from Streamwood

    With all the emotional hirings & firings by WGN over the last few years, Garry Meier was a bright ray to this fellow baby boomer. I’ve totally written off WGN since his sudden departure. I am holding my breath that Chicago will continue to wait patiently for a few more months. Garry, I miss you! Hurry back somewhere!

  10. Garry – I DEEPLY & TRULY MISS YOU! I am a HUGE FAN, and I believe WGN wronged you, MANY TIMES, on MANY LEVELS. (And I’m in my 30s?! What is there target demographic?) I hope you’re enjoying collecting a paycheck and sitting on the sidelines until it expires (they pay you a TON of $ to do NOTHING – & it should feel FANTASTIC!!!!).

    I VERY MUCH look forward to hearing you post-November 2015. PLEASE GO PODCAST/SUBSCIPTION…?! I would pay – DAILY!!!! – to have you in my life again.

    Looking forward to hearing you soon… A true, lifelong fan. Terrestrial media is DEAD TO ME!

  11. I thoroughly agree, I miss Garry Meier and will No longer listen to WGN!!! Bad move WGN!! Consider your listeners and now the lack thereof!

  12. Will be moving on, as well. WGN’s choice to remove Garry is crazy. We grew up in homes where WGN was always on the radio in the kitchen. It all ends now.

  13. Loved to listen to him on WGN radio,then had to listen to him on my lap top for my last 3 and a half hours of my work day.Always made me laugh.I sure will miss him and hope to hear his voice again.

    • I have listened to WGN since 1984. Garry Meier was the best host they ever had. I think the ratings showed that. I went yesterday and stocked up on a few new CD’s. I’ll need something new to listen to on the way home from work because it sure isn’t going to be Roe Conn. Really….that’s the best you can come up with?

  14. Jamie H. Decker of Galesburg, IL

    I thought Garry might have been on vacation, but I’m sad to not hear his show. And after some searching, I now know I’m not loosing my mind. Where is Garry? Loved his show, missing it badly.

  15. As former residents of West Pullman and Roseland area, listeners of Garry Meier, his banter with Alton Jim will be sorely missed. He has a clever and quick wit which made us smile and laugh out loud often. We truly missed him on the AM airwaves which was most convenient to hear him in the car while travelling. We did go through the effort of listening on the internet broadcast but was not convenient for our listening habits. We feel we have lost a friend and a long time neighbor of the “old neighborhood”. His voice on the “Big G” will be a void that will be difficult for any other broadcaster to fill. We NEVER thought we would be spinning the dial away from WGN radio. We have listened to WGN since our childhood going back to the days of Franklyn MacCormack, Wally Phillips. and so on. We regrettably feel that The WGN “torch is no longer burning” for us.



  17. WGN has turned back into the boring PC station without a backbone. That and the subtraction of the Cubs leaves no reason to tune into such a lame attempt at entertainment.

  18. Listened EVERYDAY !!!! Funny …..interesting….wide variety of topics….great interaction with guests and each other ……WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR ????? Good bye WGN…..

  19. Listened EVERYDAY !!!! Funny …..interesting….wide variety of topics….great interaction with guests and each other ……WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR ????? Good bye WGN…..

  20. I work 2 jobs and one of them is in delivery.From 3 to 10 4 nights a week I had Garry,the Cubs,Garry,Sports Central.Tom Skilling and Garry what a team.he made it fun for everyone who listened.He was wise to the ways of the city and its neighborhoods.He was a Mensch like all of us that keep your jobs so coveted.I for one have practically moved on from WGN radio.You lost the Cubs,or didn’t want them?Axed the weekend sports central and replaced it with weekend fill
    ins at best.

  21. No Gary Meier, No Cubs, No WGN.initials stand for We Got Nothing!

  22. Finally figured out where Gary went. Many calls to WGN and no answers! He is missed!

  23. Listened to Garry most every day. Wwas great show. He made you think about what was going on in the world.Getting rid of him BAD move for WGN.Steve Cochran & John Williams are all u got left. Oh BIG MISTAKE w roe conn….. Back to WXRT for me.

  24. I am so disappointed in WGN!! Removing Garry Meier was a huge mistake.
    Wendy and Bill really poor replacements. Bill is funny, Wendy is just annoying. I do not understand the attraction of Steve Cochran. He is really impressed with himself and he is NOT funny. I find him really obnoxious. Bob and Marianne all they do is bicker and talk about Bob eating junk food.
    Why is John Williams back? WGN could not find anyone that lives in the Chicago area to work 10 to 12? Lame I hope Garry is hired by another station, I can’t wait to hear him again. I have been listening to WGN for almost 30 years, I’m done!

  25. Now is a perfect opportunity to scoop up Roe Conn and Gary for the afternoon drive.I’ll have to turn on my Sirius again.

  26. I just removed WGN from my radio preset. Not because of the current talent, who I caution to not get paid too much, but because management just doesn’t get it. They can make all the excuses they want but Garry Meier made the difference on your daily show. WGN knew this but still made a bad decision. I’m sure contracts will keep Garry quiet for a while, but all this will come out and will continue to haunt WGN. As far as 720 on the dial, I suggest saving the money and lowering the watts because they are no longer required. Even though you reduced Garry to the internet, this latest stupidity has me and many boycotting the whole WGN franchise. I am one willing to wait for Garry, Hope you enjoy the paid time off and looking forward to listening again when you return to a station that appreciates good talent, ratings and cares about the listener. Hey, WGN by the way, the listener is your customer! Not sure you get that. Garry, you are missed.

  27. I agree with you Wes Odell! I run to Toledo every day during the week and listened to Garry every day. I miss hearing you and Jo, Johnny and the rest of the wack pack! I really feel sorry for Jo. WGN really treated Garry like crap especially with the remotes (rooftop) taking the food and putting the drinks in a box!? Way to treat your listeners WGN!! We will find you Garry! Enjoy the money brother!

  28. I miss Garry so much that I still go to the website to listen to old shows so I can hear his voice. Crazy? No, just a loyal fan who knows a good talent and appreciates creativity and wit. Have not tuned into WGN since the firing and urging others to do the same.


    caught roe conns first show talk about a forced show noway can he compare to garry’s wit and his up to date facts that we all enjoy goodbye wgn

  30. Goodbye WGN. Have you ever heard of “demographic”? Young people do not listen to talk radio. Don’t you know that? How stupid are you? I love Wendy and Bill, but they are the only ones left. We’ll see how long THAT lasts. I used to listen to GN all day long. I have to switch back to WBEZ or stream WWOZ New Orleans. I am disappointed and pissed off. What is wrong with you?!?!?! Good thing I have an e-reader and TV to fill the gap. I suppose I’ll get used to no radio, and it’ll probably be good for me, but you have just lost all the baby boomers.

  31. Listened GN many years
    Sorry you’ve lost another one

  32. Gary was the best thing going for wgn radio. I can only listen to wgn for a minute or two before i’m bored and turn it.

  33. Omg… Cochran in the morning…. Conn at drivetime… yagottabekidding..
    Sick headache from all the unedited yacking… let them teamup for overnites at WGN and get going on hiring creative intelligent hosts.
    The WGN luneup is full of reruns…and constant restaurant plugs.. who cares!
    Love Sirott, wife is ok but not good listening.. and other talk besides food! Love historic Bob. Relevant.

    • .Steve Cochran must have some unwanted pictures of management that enable him to have a position at WGN, as he is the biggest blowhard in Chicago

      • I SO agree with you, Pat. Now that “goofus” Cochran is on an extra HOUR…I’ve stopped listening altogether until 10 when Bill and Wendy are on. I could only take about 20 minutes of Cochran and all his “kiss butt” staff. Now it is ZERO minutes. Yet they let Garry go! Sure miss him…he always made me laugh. I also liked to hear Leslie Keiling and wish I could hear more of her.

  34. John from CHICAGO!

    What the hell is wrong with you idiots !!!! To let the number one show in Garry Meier go for someone who was fired from WLS. You let the “girlfriends” and others go then bring them back, can you make a decision and stand by it. The person who needs to go is De Castrated what a complete buffoon. This action by De Castrated is just another nail on A.M. radio. To bring in a bad clone of Garry Meier in Roe No Cann do is just another reason to turn off WGN radio. Don’t go away mad castro…just GO AWAY !!!

    Juan R.

  35. John from CHICAGO!

    What the hell is wrong with you idiots !!!! To let the number one show in Garry Meier go for someone who was fired from WLS. You let the “girlfriends” and others go then bring them back, can you make a decision and stand by it. The person who needs to go is De Castrated what a complete buffoon. This action by De Castrated is just another nail on A.M. radio. To bring in a bad clone of Garry Meier in Roe No Cann do is just another reason to turn off WGN radio. Don’t go away mad castro…just GO AWAY !!!.


      It’s funny how management always thinks they know what people want. No one can replace Garry Meier’s broad range of appeal to a broad range of people. The man is an incredible talent, letting him walk out the door is about as asinine move I have ever seen! Goodbye WGN I am gone along with my sponsorship!!!

  36. To all Garry Meier fans , he will be back soon

  37. WGN is no longer on any of my presets. I grew up with WGN always on all day, Wally Phillips was a buffoon but everyone knew what they would get from him. Fire DeCastro not Garry Meier.

  38. I really miss Garry Meier. I enjoyed his show very much, listened everyday. I haven’t tuned into WGN radio since! 🙁

  39. Scott and Quinn from Indianapolis

    Miss Garry’s show immensely. My college age son enjoyed Garry’s sarcasm. Listened since high school in NW Indiana. I pick up WGN in Indy…only thing worthwhile to listen to is the Blackhawks. Hope Garry gets on the air somewhere.

  40. I miss Garry, Elton Jim, Tom Skilling and Leslie terrible! So many laughs on the way home. What a huge loss on the radio. I pray that Garry comes back and soon! Loved those quirky few hours every day!

  41. WGN, goodbye to Garry? WGN, goodbye to you!

  42. Garry brought sunshine and smiles to my day! Garry is such a TALENT and is greatly missed by all of his listeners. Guess WGN doesn’t know or appreciate talent and I’ve turned WGN off for good!

  43. I was surprised and disappointed to hear Garry was off the air! He was so charming and funny….I actually loved he and Roe together. But Garry was always the funny one. One day he was spoofing Jay Marvin and his commercial about Red Lobster and I laughed so hard I was crying and had a major pain in my stomach. Haven’t laughed so hard since. It was a big mistake taking Garry off the air. You have lost many listeners and will probably continue to. Shame on you!!!!!

  44. WGN idiots!!! You switched Garry Meier from AM drivetime to stream on FM so I bought a converter for the car radio then he’s gone and now I’m supposed to listen to Mr.NO ONE will spilt up our team: That was WLS Roe and Garry show, Roe split it up then and now he’s taken Garry’s place?
    Your line-up sucks! Goodbye WGN another Boomer Gone!!!!

  45. I moved from Chicago in 2012 right around the slicing and dicing of The G. I enjoyed streaming Gary some afternoons on my porch. it s time to hang up your watts. your station has absolutely no good talent anymore! I am a Sirius listener. I hope to hear Gary there at the end of the year!

  46. WGN has lost a lot of listeners over this and I am one of them! Garry Meier is so funny and had so many followers it is hard to believe in this world of business that you would get rid of a money maker! I try to listen on WLS but they don’t cut it either. Bring Garry back and you will get your listeners back, he is the best!

  47. I loved Garry. He never failed to make me laugh. We are the same age and i thoroughly enjoyed him. Cochran is an arrogant know it all…he butts in on everyone and thinks he is the be all and end all at WGN. The only ones I listen to are Bill and Wendy and Nick D. Other than those 2 shows I go to WBBM.

  48. I listened to Garry and Elton Jim on the podcast while I worked,It made the time zoom by. It was like having friends at work,I work the night shift, so it was so nice to laugh and enjoyed the usual callers.Garry always made you feel part of the team.So sad you traded your best player and lost me as a fan of WGN. I know Garry and Elton will be on air again and I will follow them anywhere.


  50. Bob from LaGrange Park

    I can’t begin to express my frustration with WGN. I haven’t tuned it in since Garry left. WLS is also on my list..getting rid of Bruce and Dan for mister Big Bland. What the hell is wrong with these station managers? 60-70 demographic. Just who do they want?

  51. A little late here. I agree with the majority here. Bumping Garry was simply a poor business decision. John Williams was interesting, but, the rest of the cast of characters now are just annoying. Adding this windbag Cann was just an EXTEMELY poor decision. I used to be a big fan all the way back to Uncle Bobby, I am done with WGN.

  52. Dale Grawe, Altona, IL

    WGN management, you need to come to your senses, it is what the people want and that is Garry Meier. I have been listening to WGN with Uncle Bobby, Spike (he was the greatest), John Williams and now Garry Meier. When Spike retired I was ready to give up WGN, then you made a brilliant move to hire John Williams. However he was not able to maintain a long term relationship, only get two hours of John, not enough. I thought listening to WGN was over until you hired Garry Meier. Another brilliant move, I was hooked again and now you take Garry away. Loved his insight, he was funny and very entertaining. He gave the audience what they wanted to heard a voice that we could identify with. What a really bad move on behalf of WGN management. Take a good look at all of these comments, there is tremendous support for Garry and his radio program. Eat some crow and bring him back. He makes more money for you on the air that on a beach. You have lost me as a listener, if you don’t bring him back,I will not come back.

  53. I also have listened to WGN since the 60’s but no more. Garry’s show was number one He knows Chicago and the people who live and work there. My work day includes driving from client to client. And he always made the day enjoyable.
    WGN made a great mistake

  54. I was upset when WGN started the stupid changes a few years back , trying to turn it into a political talk station. Filled with idiots that all they could do was to insight anger. Then Garry came along. We deal with all the crap of the real world on a daily basis!!! Garry made me forget about the crap goin on for 4 hrs a day. Made me smile by turning his show into something about nothing. Worked for Sienfeld! From #1 in the afternoon drive, to unemployed! Just goes to show you the ones incharge manytimes have no clue what we want as listners, but will sure tell us what we should like! I will also not listen to WGN anymore. 30 years on my radio preset , but not anymore!

  55. I am 63. I have been a listener since wally phillips. Im retired now and listen to wgn 24/7. The management needs a shake up. I never know who is going to be broadcasting. Garry was the best and you let him slip away. Pete was funny also and he is gone. It all started with milt. Wbez here i come!

  56. I stopped listening to WGN after Garry left. Now the Cubs are gone so there is no reason to listen anymore – WGN is no longer relevant or entertaining.

  57. I’ve been listening to wgn since Bob Collins. I have to admit except for Orion, Brian and Nick D, there is no one I care to listen to. WGNRADIO was on 24/7 but now I turn the station. There have been some very poor choices made and just keep getting worse. WGN was the best station for “us older folks” but now I think i’d rather listen to Rambling Ray or Eric and Kathy. Really sad where WGN is heading.

  58. Missing Garry! WGN what have you done? No Cubs, no Garry, no longer listening to your station. Thanks for a lot of fun, but 720 is no longer a pre-set in this family’s life. Just sad.

  59. Jim deCastro EGO’s have a strange way of biting one in the backside.. Hope you’re feeling the crunch!! Garry may have been difficult to work with…but aren’t all the great ones a little difficult… I am sure you and your management team had some real good reasons…but why shoot your best horse in the race…Even sports teams manage “difficult” player in order for the team to maximize their efficiencies. Ain’t seeing a lot of the same common sense being use with WGN programming… Jimmy D -I know difficult people are well ….difficult… You knew this when you rehired him…why screw up a good thing because of (apparently) EGO! I hope Garry finds a good home an decimates “The G” afternoon ratings!!!!!!

  60. Truely sucks… He was my favorite…now i got a wife and husband fighting on air… And Roe??? Cant listen to this crap.. I need my dickey contests , much fun to listen to..

  61. Just look at all of these comments! Gary, I hope you are feeling and enjoying the love! Most important, you know we are all just waiting for your return to “your calling”. Hey just like our catholic school days! Well, we all are looking forward to your return and we know you will be back doing what you love. Just let us know as soon as possible because we want the best there is. We’re CHICAGOLAND! GARY! GARY! GARY!

  62. Marlene from Palos Heights

    I agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE COMMENTS. I’m almost 80 and he made me laugh so much I felt 30+ years younger. In addition to his spoofing there were any insightful topics. I hope he reappears somewhere where I can listen, laugh, learn, and love WGN again. To top it off no Cubs and where is Leslie? WGN no longer exists for great listening. It died with Bob Collins. So sad.

  63. Stopped listening to WGN after Spike and John Williams left. Been loyal listener since “64”. No more.

  64. Loyal listener since “64”. Left when Spike and John Williams left. No more WGN.

  65. Loyal listener since “64”. Left when Spike, Max Armstrong and John Williams were cancelled or retired. No more WGN. Use to be the best station. Upper Management is out of touch, they should be replace.

  66. craig the alcoholic

    Yes I’m still drinking and not driving it really sucks to not have gary on at 3pm everyday. de castro u must b exactly like stephon u think u r the smartest person in the room when really u r just a idiot. I mean really u still have to pay him to do nothing and decastro thinks he came out on top what a fool.

  67. Stopped listening to WGN morning show sucks and those two old bags on sat

  68. Eric the Undertaker

    Life is not worth living anymore without Garry and Elton Jim. I went from regular listener to regular caller, and WGN became part of my life. I miss hearing from Jo, Craig, and the others. Although we never met in person, I felt I knew them well enough to consider them friends. Talk about an extended mourning period! I feel like I lost family!

  69. I’m so hearten by the support for Garry and his group. I’m a Coho lipped veteran of DD I and I think Garry was truly heroic in the way he handled the boot to the internet and WGN ‘s managements total disregard for the fan base. He tried to be as positive and supportive to his fans and not disparage his bosses. What asses. How many listeners find Garry to deserve to been put off the air? Who would you rather have as a boss, Garry or Jimmy DeCastro? Miss you Garry

  70. I still can’t believe WGN treated Garry so poorly. I can’t tolerate Steve Cochran I turned WGN on this week and now they are bribing people to have their friends listen to Steves show. He is such a blowhard. I saw the writing on the wall when all of the sudden last year Garry stopped broadcasting from Blackhawks games. I do not like bob sirott and Marianne tired of their on air disagreements and her holier than thou attitude gets very old. Garry was so funny I really enjoyed listening to him. I gave the changes a chance but I’m finished with WGN now. Get rid of Steve Cochran and sirott and Marciano. I want Garry back!!!

    • .I believe Steve Cochran has some compromising photos of WGN management that he holds as ransom to allow him to have a position (I would not it a show), on WGN

  71. Stopped listening to WGN, just isn’t the same without Garry!

  72. St. louis Pete

    Hope that we find Garry when he comes back. I would pay to hear him again. Thanks Garry for the show. Hope to hear you soon.

  73. started w/Wally Phillips-thru Roy Leonard-Bob Collins- Spike- great Cub broadcasters-John Williams. Garry was along side them all–“OUTSTANDING”! forcing me to go to sirius.

    maybe deCastro should be saying goodbye!

  74. We all miss Garry Meier! Even his comments and seeing him in the stands at the Blackhawk games. No one told it like Garry. And, oh, I don’t listen to your station during my drive home any more, not the same….

  75. Gary Is a no talent jerk!
    The only demand should be from the producer for the monies back .
    He is a zero without Dahl and even then he was only a monotone laugh track.

  76. I totally agree you have ruined a quality product. Conn is useless Cochran is an arrogant boob he never shuts up . Leslie Keiling was a great addition to any time slot. Oh well back to Lin and F M

    • Ditto on Cochran and add Williams to that list, too. They have completely imploded any value GN had as a radio station. Who can possibly be listening to this station anymore? Waiting for you on the Net Garry!!

  77. Lets hope Garry gets on with his own pod cast or…..do like the Big 89 did. A stroke of genius who ever is running the show there in bring back Dahl on the AM. 2-6
    Could you imagine Meyer’s in the morning & Dahl in the afternoon! Mercy!! Anyway…
    As for Jimmy D at least he’s got Willie & Wendy boring their listeners all afternoon…..go figure…

  78. Edward Maslovicz

    Garry was at his best when he was Steve Dahl’s co host.

  79. Just found out what happened to Garry. Could not listen to him easily when WGN moved him to Internet, so just stopped listening. Maybe Garry could go to WBBM with the Cubs when his contract is up.
    Used to like Bob Sirott but then he had a new show with his wife and couldn’t stand that. The other combos, are awful also.

    Started listening to WGN when I moved to Chicago in 1957 and had it on all day every day. Put up with the good and the bad. But after the Cathy and Judy episode, I listened less and less until I found Garry. Now I don’t listen at all.

    How sad for me and what a loss for WGN. Garry, we need to know where you go so we can have some entertaining radio again. Miss you.

  80. Waiting for Garry to be back on the radio.

  81. Hope Garry gets back on radio as soon as possible.

    No Garry. No Cubs. Why is WGN AM720 even on the air?

    Removed from radio presets……

  82. This is why WGN sucks. They don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing. Meier was the only personality I bothered listening to on their weekday lineup. Sharp as a razor and, unlike some “comic talents,” doesn’t laugh to announce that he just made a joke.
    Conn’s an idiot(not to mention, his politics suck, he thinks the police state is funny or something) and Dahl — I’ve tried to listen to him lately on his 890 show… Yawn.

  83. For ever person that posted here…there are thousands more that feel the same but didnt find this website. Considering the demographic Garry grasped (age 15 to Nursing Home) it often makes you wonder if the analytics big stations pay for do anything. These ‘reports’ in turn have built a corporate radio culture based on ‘ticker tape decisions’. There lies the problem, station management lacks creativity, always has. They dont need to know their listeners anymore, its all about ‘so-called numbers’. These numbers have and always will be skewed. GN blew it when they let Kathy n Judi go, and I’m a 45yr. male! Heck my wife didnt even listen to talk radio until she heard Meier. Gary! DO A LIVE PODCAST! The sponsors will come in droves! It will be like no other event in Chicago radio. Plus, your basically syndicated on the net and those corporate cut-rate blowers cant broadcast that far! The city is yours.

  84. I miss Garry. The only other show I like on wgn is Bill & Wendy. Roe Conn threw Garry under the bus on WLS, and I think WGN threw Garry under the bus for Roe Conn. Garry doesn’t get the respect he deserves from the radio station. I think Garry is a man of principles, and won’t sell himself out for the money. That’s why he won’t work with Steve Dahl or Roe Conn. Call it difficult if you want, but I call it integrity.

    • What in the world were you thinking of when you fired Garry Meier??? He brought fun listening to drive time radio. Please reconsider and see if he would return. He’s the best in the Chicago market.


  86. Miss Garry a lot. Can’t listen to self-absorbed blowhard Cochran in the morning, so don’t get to hear Orion anymore. Bill and Wendy are awesome! Excellent chemistry, funny, always fresh, and actually work to get interesting guests (and prepare intelligent questions for them). Roe Conn is OK, but always spends too much time with Five at Five and News or Ruse–way too much and too often. Glad at least Richard Roeper has home on that show.

  87. I live in Phoenix, AZ & found him online by accident several years ago (talk radio in AZ is very amateurish)
    I would listen to him & Jim online every afternoon while in my office working. I found him to be a breath of fresh air compared to the same old angry political talk radio or the latest TMZ type of crap topics. His style & humor got me through the afternoon. I’m hoping that when his contract is up in the fall of 2015, another station picks him & Jim up. …or he can move to sunny/warm Arizona, we could use real talent here. I’ll be waiting.

  88. I’m a pharma rep that spends most of the day in my car traveling throughout the SW suburbs and Central Illinois. I use to listen to Stern on Sirius in the morning and Garry on GN in the afternoon. I haven’t tuned in to WGN since Garry left. Glad to hear he’s heading to the web. The technology is there now and I plan on streaming him in my car as soon as he starts. I really felt like WGN had reinvented itself when it hired Garry and now they’re right back to being my grandparent’s radio station. Well do Jackasses! Like my dad always said, there are more horse’s asses then there are horse it the world. You don’t have to look any farther than WGN management to prove that.

  89. Stopped listening to wgn radio after Gary left.

  90. Stopped listening to wgn radio (afternoon) after Gary left.

  91. Stephen Verhaeren

    WGN Radio is not the same, not that I hate Roe Conn but I have not listened to WGN Radio week days much during drive time, and the only people that are on 10:00-3:00 are Bill Leff and Wendy Synder, expect for their 1 hour break with the Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand or who ever that fills in for him, as now he is on a work break, and there are different people such as Amy Guth, and Jon Hansen among other names that have been filling in for him. Glad that Garry Meier is back now doing podcasts, go to http://www.garrymeier.com to listen to them, or find out where else you can find his podcasts at.

  92. I still miss Gary Meyer and have not listened to your station since his departure. What a foolish move on the part of management. I wonder how many other people have tuned out as well.

  93. WGN is a cheap radio station. Most of their on-air time is talk about traffic conditions. The path of least resistance and lowest overhead. WGN is only interested in peddling their wares no one needs pillows, mattresses, beds, cars trucks, NFL games, Blackhawks, magic potions, banks, mortgages, Medicare, Walgreens, drugs, jewelry, identity theft prevention boner-pills using scare tactics including your-woman-will-otherwise-leave-you. WGN is a strong-signaled propaganda-laced mind-control radio station that attempts to mold America and keep everyone in fear and consumption buying and spending and spending and buying forever and ever. Their phones are prewar dropping frequently even with important people on the line. WGN only wants to get to the commercials on time usually interrupting an interview just when it showed signs of going anywhere. Or they conclude paint by number interviews with sudden bursts of final seconds’ quick patter jokey repartee between the bored interviewer and script-reading lackluster interviewee. Brief recaps of games played the night before. Nothing new there. Broadcasting NW Basketball games only the parents of the players listen too. WGN was too cheap to keep the Cubs games on their station and who’s sorry now? WGN didn’t like mavericks who challenged their a hole ownerschitt. If you were your own person you’ve been fired Garry Meier, Jonathan Brandmeier. 

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