Milt Rosenberg back on WGN, joins Garry Meier

Milt Rosenberg was back on WGN-AM 720 yesterday, marking his first time on the station since his final “Extension 720” program on Dec. 20 last year. Rosenberg was on Garry Meier’s afternoon show to discuss the JFK assassination 50 years later, as well as his on-going podcast via

The podcast launched on May 16, is guest-driven, as “Extension 720” was, minus live callers. New podcasts are typically posted once or twice each week.

I had been thinking Rosenberg might be another great WGN comeback story, ala Kathy and Judy, Steve Cochran and Rick Kogan. Somewhat curious as to why that may not have happened, even if Rosenberg were to do only one night a week.

The Rosenberg and Meier discussion is podcasted on the WGN website…


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