Media Bits & Bytes (5/30/13)

– In my “blog reserves” was an entry entitled “Memo to Mary Frances Bragiel: Spit the marbles out of your mouth.” Even though I wrote the entry some time ago, I never got around to posting it, primarily because I thought the title was a bit mean. Now that Bragiel has left WLS-AM 890, it’s a moot point. The other reason I withheld from posting that blog was because I wasn’t sure how much at fault she was.

The time WLS allows for news, traffic and weather is ridiculously short these days. That might explain why Braigel has sounded absolutely terrible since joining WLS (I don’t remember hearing her on WBBM-AM 780, so I can’t comment about her performance there). Whenever she delivered a newscast or recited the traffic and weather, I could barely make out what she was saying since she talked so fast. When uttering WLS, it sounded more like a slurred “dub-L-S!”

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed afternoon traffic anchor Christina Filiaggi descending into Braigel-level bad. I don’t ever recall hearing Jim Johnson, John Dempsey or Wendy Snyder ever sounding that bad. Somehow, they pull it off.

– In April, WMVP-AM/ESPN 1000 made some changes to their daily schedule, prompting the station to market itself as the “all-new” ESPN 1000. Asides from the one hour addition from Colin Cowherd’s syndicated ESPN Radio show, all the station did was switch hosts in their midday and afternoon slots (Carmen DeFalco and John Jurkovic to middays, Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman to afternoons). The “all-new” wore off about a week after the switch. Now, almost two months later, it just sounds silly.

– A friend of mine commented on Facebook yesterday that CLTV’s live storm coverage was nowhere to be found on Tuesday night when a tornado warning was issued around the Joliet/New Lenox area. Meanwhile, my Weather Bug Elite app on my Android phone was also a failure, issuing no alert for the tornado warning (I was in the area where the warning was issued!). As the sirens were going off, I downloaded the AccuWeather and Weather Channel apps to see if they issued any alert for the tornado warning. They did, while Weather Bug was more than happy to alert me about a flash flood warning and a severe thunderstorm warning.

– During the chaos of the storm, I checked Facebook  to see if any of my local friends had any information to share. As usual, the news feed posts were all out of order, even though I have repeatedly changed the settings so that posts appear in chronological order (I hate how Facebook constantly changes the setting so what they deem as most important appears first… and usually out of order). When I went on Twitter and searched “New Lenox,” I saw an abundance of tweets from people in the area –even though most of the tweets were from people making light of the situation, I at least was able to quickly connect with others in the area.

If there were to have been an actual tornado touchdown nearby, I would likely have known about it because of Twitter. Twitter’s search and live results is simply awesome. I find it unfathomable that after all this time, Facebook is still so behind on this.

Earth to Facebook… while the rest of the world uses Twitter during a time of crisis or while watching their favorite television show or sporting event live, you are becoming more irrelevant! Talk about an abysmal dropping of the ball.

– Thumbs down to Google for recent “upgrades” to Google Talk, now known as Google Hangouts. Whether using Gmail via a web browser or the new Hangouts app on either my Razr Maxx phone or my Galaxy Tablet, who at Google thought it was a good idea to remove the indicators letting me know if a contact is online, offline or inactive? The app, especially on my phone, is super sluggish, making it almost useless. For now, I’ll downgrade to the old Google Talk app.

– I’ve noticed a huge uptick in unique hits on the site in recent days. According to my site stats, most of the visits are from people Googling why Susan Carlson is no longer on the WBBM-TV/CBS 2 morning news. While CBS 2’s morning news ratings were near last place, there seems to be a lot of viewers unhappy with the situation.

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