Still off air, Mike McConnell keeping busy with Facebook

Mike McConnellWhile the voice of Mike McConnell remains silenced, that hasn’t prevented the former WGN-AM 720 midday host from working. McConnell stays in touch with his fan base via Facebook by posting blog-like pieces about the hot news topics he’d likely be talking about if he were on the air.

Since leaving WGN last autumn, McConnell worked a few days in January filling in at the Charlotte news/talk station WBT-AM 1100. Meanwhile, his listeners — many of whom are fans of his former WLW-AM 700 show in Cincinnati — hope he resurfaces somewhere sooner rather than later. His Cincinnati listeners would love nothing more than for WLW to welcome him back. Current WLW host Bill Cunningham hinted about that happening moments after speaking to McConnell during an on air phone conversation back in November.

Even though I wasn’t always the biggest fan of McConnell’s WGN show, I think he’s a solid talker and does a does a great job at presenting his side to an argument. Whether I agree or disagree with his points, his Facebook posts usually make for a great read.

You can view his Facebook page and all postings, even without a Facebook account of your own.

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