Back on the media scene, with a new name and philosophy

So, once upon a time, I started my own media blog. With the abundant of media news, gossip and randon tidbits that seem to constantly surface, I made an attempt to stay on top of it as much as possible, getting to the point that my head spinned right off my neck. I crashed and burned and eventually stopped blogging.

My mistake.

As a full-time graphic designer and webmaster, I can’t be a full-time media blogger. I knew that originally, but I still somehow forgot that in my first attempt, and it just didn’t work.

This go-round, I’m hoping to apply a new philosophy. Take it slow and easy. No pressure. Only write when I truly have something worth writing about. That’s my hope at least.

With a new philosophy also comes a name change. Prior to launching this blog, I had a few name ideas and fielded them around with friends and family. I was always sold on “Blowtorch Press,” but almost everyone else liked “Media Blowtorch,” and that’s what I went with. Being away from this for a while, and having thought about it from a fresh mindset, I probably should have gone with what I initially liked.

And now I am. The new name of this blog is the Blowtorch Press, conveniently located at

With the new change and philosophy, I’m more comfortable with this attempt.

I’m not a media professional or insider. I’m simply an enthused media geek who has a lot to say.

And I hope it will be worth your time

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