CBS 2 News endless roundabout in the morning (hint, give the job to Marissa Bailey)

CBS 2's Kris Kutierrez and Marissa Bailey with former Chicago Bear Ray McElroy - Photo courtesy of Bailey's Twitter.

CBS 2’s Kris Kutierrez and Marissa Bailey with former Chicago Bear Ray McElroy – Photo courtesy of Bailey’s Twitter @MarissaCBS2.

What exactly is WBBM-TV/CBS 2 waiting for? Going on five months since releasing Susan Carlson and the station continues to stall in naming a permanent morning news anchor.¬† Since Carlson’s exit, CBS 2 has alternated between weekend morning anchor Marissa Bailey and veteran anchor Roseanne Tellez, who also anchors the 11 a.m. weekday newscast.

In his Sept. 16. piece, Robert Feder mentioned that CBS 2 has searched among some outside candidates, but that staffers within the CBS 2 newsroom would be surprised if the station named a permanent successor anytime soon. The delay in naming a replacement suggested that Carlson’s firing was attributed to saving money (I think that sounds reasonable, because in all honestly, does CBS 2 really expect that the person succeeding Carlson is going to be that much of an upgrade?).

While CBS 2 continues to twiddle their thumbs, the obvious answer is right in front of them — Marissa Bailey. Not because she’s already employed by the station and it would be an easy move (both of which would be true), but because she is a great anchor and fits in nicely within the newscast. While her delivery is good, her overall demeanor is excellent. She is an absolute natural behind the desk.

Having watched enough of the weekday mornings she does work (usually Mondays and Tuesdays), it’s more than obvious that her and co-anchor Kris Gutierrez naturally work well together. Meanwhile, the overall chemistry amongst the entire on air staff, most notably meteorologist Megan Glaros, traffic anchor Derrick Young and the off-beat and¬†versatile reporter Vince Gerasole, is near the same level that it was when Carlson was there.

Tellez, by default, would be an acceptable choice as well, though I do understand the sentiment that with Tellez, there is a “been there, done that” type of vibe (which is a shame because such a sentiment is rather unfair considering how talented she is). I’d be willing to guess Tellez wakes up each morning regretting her 2004 decision to leave the WGN-Ch. 9 morning news fest.

Bailey should have been the obvious no-brainer for CBS 2. It’s a shame that they are still waiting this out. Talk about the classic case of over-thinking something that doesn’t need it. Bailey is right there in front of them.

Again, I ask, what are they waiting for?

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