Worth your time: In-depth profile on Sun-Times Media Chairman Michael Ferro

Today’s recommended reading is in-depth profile of Sun-Times Media Chairman Michael Ferro (with his cooperation) from Bryan Smith of Chicago Magazine. Highly worth the time for anyone interested in journalism and the future of journalism, specifically at it pertains to Chicago.

Though this piece is from October, I had finally just gotten around to it yesterday thanks to a Facebook friend posting the same piece on her timeline.

I get the sense Ferro is more of a one-trick pony, as it pertains to his previous success. Certainly not feeling any better about the Sun-Times’ future…

On a somewhat related note, the Chicago Newspaper Guild came out yesterday stating its intention to exhaust all legal options against the Sun-Times in attempting to block another round of layoffs expected in early 2014, reports Robert Feder.

While commenting about the Guild’s position on their own website,  executive director Craig Rosenbaum makes this highly relevant (if not also obvious) statement worth repeating here.

. . . from a practical standpoint, I really cannot see how the Sun-Times can put out a viable product with any further layoffs in its editorial department.

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