Starting my own media blog (the audacity!)

Clark Griswold

On one particular morning, sometime in the late 1990s, I was listening to B96 while getting ready for school. At some point, I heard a pre-recorded announcement that mentioned the station’s call letters, WBBM-FM Chicago. It was the first time I had ever noticed such a thing — what those in the radio industry refer to as the legal ID. I was immediately intrigued that B96 shared the same call letters as the all-news station over on the AM dial. Imagine my state of shock when I later found that Channel 2 also shared the  same call letters!

Not exactly a fascination a junior high kid is  supposed to think about, especially when getting ready for school.

While some people have a passive interest towards a particular segment of broadcasting or journalism related issues, it is not typical for people to be overly passionate about media.

I happen to be one of the few people. I absolutely love it.

For the few individuals in my life that have any remote interest in a media related topic or issue (i.e. a favorite radio station or why their newspaper keeps getting smaller and smaller), I know I have a limit as to how much I can discuss before that person tunes me out (it’s happened).

I’ve been posting for years as Blowtorch at the Chicagoland Radio and Media Message Board. The CRM board has given me an outlet that I otherwise would not have had. And yet, even with that forum, there has always been something missing. I’ve always wanted a little more. After contemplating on and off for a couple of years, I’ve decided to start my own media blog.

I realize that the very idea of starting my own blog is by default, narcissistic. What makes my blog so special when there are far more qualified individuals out there already discussing media for a living? I can only hope that a lifetime interest of mine will mean I can occasionally write something that may be of interest to someone out there. Again, I hope.

With that in consideration, my feeling about starting a blog is more in line with Clark Griswold, from “Christmas Vacation,” as he prepares to deck his house with a lump sump of Christmas lights. Griswold beams with excitement saying “I’ve always wanted to do this!”

I would like to think this can be a fun, simple hobby. I’m excited to have my own platform where I can “geek out” when the moment strikes.

Stay tuned.