Media Bits & Bytes (4/26/13)

A few news bites and added tidbits to end the work week with…

– While I don’t usually listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show, I heard the tail end of a segment today as my car radio was already on WLS-AM 890 from my drive this morning. Though I wasn’t really paying attention, in that 30 seconds I heard reference to the Tribune, brain injuries in football and how liberalism, not football, is the culprit for brains becoming scrambled.

At that moment, I didn’t think it was possible he was referencing John Kass’s column from earlier this week. That was until I saw the Facebook post by Kass later in the afternoon making reference to Limbaugh’s rant against his column. That same post, I’m guessing in tongue-and-cheek, John clarified he is not a sports writer nor a liberal. So while Limbaugh was  blasting Kass who he thought was a sports writer and a liberal, he obviously had no idea the guy precedes him on his Chicago affiliate. Even if it’s unfair to criticize Limbaugh for not knowing that, I can’t help but to still find that at least a little bit amusing.

– The White House Correspondents Dinner is tomorrow night. For anyone who loves politics or policial media, this is something to look forward to each year. I especially can’t wait to see how Conan O’Brien comes across as guest comedian. According to TV Newser, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC will have various live coverage from 8-10pm CT (both CNN and MSNBC plan to air best-of highlights from previous years during the 8pm hour).

– The New York Times announced to investors yesterday that the company plans to eventually launch new subscription models for digital subscribers. Specifically mentioned was a lower cost option where digital subscribers would have access to select stories or specific sections. The company needs to ensure that the amount of new subscribers — individuals who never in a million years would pay $15 each 30 days to read news online — make up for any current subscribers who drop to a lower priced tier. Having a $9.99 option is likely to attract a lot more people unwilling to pay the $15.

– The television landscape is going to change one day soon. I would like to think the Netflix or Hulu model would somehow break the hold that cable and satellite currently have. But how would they do it? Author, speaker and all-round media guy Doc Searls blogs about television’s 3-step transition and how that change may come about.

– With WGN-AM 720 midday host Mike McConnell off today, CLTV’s “Politics Tonight” host Paul Lisnek filled in during 10am-12pm slot, while WGN Assistant Program Director Alex Quigley filled in during the 1-3pm slot.  With McConnell off again Monday, the same guest hosts will again fill in  at the same respective times.

– Rob Hart is back in Milwaukee tomorrow filling in at WTMJ-AM 620 from 3-7 p.m. Hart, who guest hosted a show earlier this week at WTMJ, is the current morning show sidekick and sports anchor at at WLUP-FM/97.9 The Loop in Chicago.

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