The Score’s Dan McNeil on leave of absence

Dan McNeil, WSCR Midday HostWith Dan McNeil absent from his WSCR-AM/670 The Score midday show all week without an explanation, listeners were left to wonder if this was a repeat of what happened in early 2012. Unfortunately, it seems to be.

The Chicago Tribune’s Ed Sherman reports that McNeil is once again dealing with depression related issues, forcing him to take a leave of absence from his midday “McNeil & Spiegel Show” on The Score. Sherman also notes that McNeil’s return to the air is anything but certain. The same issues kept McNeil off the air for six weeks in early 2012.

Filling in for McNeil this week, along side co-host Mat Spiegel, has been the Score’s evening host Laurence Holmes

I’m very saddened to hear about this. McNeil has been one of my favorite radio hosts for well over a decade — it was his “Mac, Jurko & Harry” afternoon show on WMVP-AM/ESPN 1000 in 2002-2003 that brought me back to sports talk radio after tiring of The Score. While McNeil’s dynamic straight-shooting persona makes him one of the most entertaining sports talker in Chicago, he also comes across as the fun and likeable person you’d like to sit next to at the corner tavern while watching the game.

Not too long ago (several months), McNeil wrote on the message board that he would like to go at it on air for another 10 years before throwing in the towel. Hopefully, his current situation is only a minor setback and not something that forces him to throw in the towel far too soon.

Get well soon Mac.

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  1. good riddance! he was the same guy who mocked darwin barney for missing games because of stitches on his knee..

  2. Good riddance! Losing McNeil and adding Holmes to the mid-day show is a win-win for listeners.

    I do hope he can get his medical situation sorted out, I just don’t want to listen to him afterward.

  3. This has happened all to often for Danny Mac.He needs to get competent help and follow through with a course of treatment/therapy until medically cleared to return to work.The public has little sympathy for repeated substance abuse and employer absenteeism. [ depression and its causes are another matter].The masses would love to have his radio gig and compensation package at the score and so very little ” Job” sympathy prevails.I hope Dan can get this soon under control for his sake and because he needs to stay on the air. If he cannot report to work then the Score owes its radio fanbase a host that will report daily.

  4. How about that? One of these know-it-alls has lost his marbles. Too bad. Toughen up McNeil. Get your head out of your rear end and get your butt back to work. Are you crying on your pillow?You guys got it way too soft. You’re acting like that gutless wonder ex-partner of yours. In life, you gotta be tough.

    • Depression
      Is a serious mental illness and for you to trivialize it is disrespectful. I am not a fan of the guy, but what he’s going through is real and serious. If you don’t understand what he is going through, you shouldn’t comment on it.

  5. I hope he comes back as I’m sick of Lawrence Holmes! What did he ever due to deserve so much exposer?

  6. what I’m really sick of is the score not ever letting it’s listeners know what’s going on when they make a change or someone is gone. Just give a quick update so that we know. I can’t listen to the afternoon show now because it’s horrible. I can only stand the score from 1-6 and they play white sox games over that too much in the summer.

    • how can you listen to B&B in the afternoon? Those to are the worst. I listen to the score most of the day EXCEPT from 1 -6 when those goofballs are on. They are horrible. They talk down to everyone, especially caller. The are condescending, arrogant, and obnoxious. Can’t stand them.

  7. I surely do hope that Dan gets things in order and that everything is OK with him. I know that he has an autistic son, and that fact alone is a huge burden for any parent. There are way too many people who seem to be very unsympathetic to his issues he is trying to deal with just because he has a differing opinion on sports. Sports opinions don’t matter. It’s an entertainment show, nothing more. I love Laurence Holmes filling in, he is a great host and deserves a primetime show, hopefully Mulligan will retire or get fired so Holmes can take over the morning show.
    B&B are a great show BECAUSE they berate their callers. As they say every day, if you call a sports radio show, you are most likely an idiot, especially if you call their show. Sit ’em or bench ’em is proof that callers are stupid.
    Good luck Dan MacNeil in resolving whatever issue is causing you to take your leave, we will be here when you return.

  8. Well this is sad to hear. The shows on the score are a hell of a lot better then the BS they call sports radio up here in michigan. Long live 670

  9. Why are yout posting on a message board. Who reads message boards. Stop talking! That’s stupid! You’re stupid! Why did you wait on hold for that…..

    What they not on hold…
    Ooo their in the room! Get the monkeys.

    Get well soon Mac we wait for you return on the air.

  10. I’ve been wondering why Holmes was still on in place of McNeil. I don’t know what McNeil is dealing with and I think people should be respectful of his privacy. That said, I think Holmes is a much more enjoyable radio host and wouldn’t mind if he takes Dan’s job.

  11. Its too bad. Mac and Spiegs had real chemistry. Still a good product but not the same.

  12. I have always been a fan of Dan Mc Neil
    and I hope he sorts out his troubles and
    makes it back on the air

  13. B&B suck. I can’t stand the sound of their whiny voices. Mac makes me laugh. Come back soon Mac.

  14. Whether you like him or hate him does not matter. Depression is NOT a joking matter. He was the only person who could talk about the NHL and The Blackhawks with expertise. I never agreed with everything he said, but he was one of the first voices I heard on the new sports talk radio station known as “The Score” when it started many years ago. He speaks of his wife and family as pillars of support. I hope and pray that they will give him the support and encouragement he needs in order to continue to do what we know he loves to do. And that is, bend our ears with blabber about our Chicago sports teams. Like him or hate him, he gives us a reason to listen to him, even at the risk of wishing we could call him and give argumentative talk right back at him. I’m sure he loves a good argument.

  15. I listen to Danny Mac every morning. Damn I miss his chatter. Get well you big Irish bloke. The Score needs you. Lawrence is a nice young man, but he is not Danny Mac by a long shot.

  16. See what doing COKE all day and night does! Of course he sucked anyway. I like Holmes because he is more Professional and not like a High School punk.

  17. While not a huge Danny Mac fan, I am saddened to hear that he is fighting this terrible condition again. As someone who watched a loved one struggle with this illness, I know all too well how debilitating it can be. Good luck to Dan and his family.

  18. Danny is the Best in the business,he made the Score,I hope He comes back soon.Nobody does it better. I wish he would replace Berstien !

  19. I have and always will back Dan McNeil. He is a straight shooter and I have always enjoyed his being able to be open and honest about his life. I have a better day when I start it with Mac and Matt and have followed Dan since his days with Chet. Get well and keep Chicago laughing.

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