AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is an asshole

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong was doing a swell job at demoralizing employees at the Patch, an AOL owned individual community digital news platform, on a Friday teleconference. Nothing portrays a superb boss like accepting blame for a failed venture to only then blame the people beneath for lack of leadership (and emphasizing leadership with a capital L) before announcing that most of the division will be gutted, meaning many people will lose his jobs. At least those who don’t voluntarily exit (he also encouraged that people voluntarily leave). but that his job is safe (he didn’t actually say his job was safe, but you get the idea).

No, that can’t possibly be bad enough…

Why not demoralize your employees further by publically firing an employee, loud and clear during the teleconference!?

Abel, put that camera down right now! Abel, you’re fired. Out!

Who is Armstrong attempting better emulate, Ebenezer Scrooge or Mr. Spacely?

Final note… if you’re someone with my resume looking for more information about me, and you fail to see the problem with how AOL CEO Tim Armstrong conducts his business, then do me (and yourself) a favor. Throw that resume into the trash. I wouldn’t want to work for you.

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